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Living at the beach, or in an island atmosphere carries with it an inherently unique décor style. We have found that in many cases, new homeowners find themselves ill-equipped with their current furnishings and décor for the “beach feel” that they are looking for. Especially for those who are coming from inland homes or from areas where having a light, airy feel wasn’t important. Well, at Palm Realty we are here to help.

Making your home live well means making it functional and practical for how you live. Making a space look pretty is easy. Making a home live well comes from experience, good communication and inspired creativity. At Palm Realty, we uncover the most meaningful pieces of your personal story and make them our motivation.

Whether you are looking for a nautical flare or something with light colors and amazing use of space, Palm Realty will work with you to make your beach house a place to call home.

Also, if you are in the construction phase of your home, that is the best time to give us a call, as we are able to work with your builder and go through your plans, making suggestions and coming up with a creative process that will be ready for you when you are handed the keys to your new home.

The interior design services at Palm Realty renders exquisite interiors that feel gracious, uncomplicated, and inviting. A dialog-driven design process met with clear business practices and stunning results is the goal of every project we undertake. 

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If you would like more information on how Palm Realty can help YOU find the right coastal Carolina beach community home or sell the existing home you have, please contact us today to setup a consultation.

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